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Last night was great. The past few episodes have really been about returning back to season 1. When Rick joined up with the group he became "the law" in that he maintained a sense a of moral justice. He took ownership of moral failures...they went back for Merle, they were always going back to do the right thing....they spent days looking for Sophia.

They slipped into a kill or be killed sort of mentality and it was evident when they were not accepting of strangers, they left the hitch hiker to die, etc. This is what Carl grabbed a hold of as being "justice" and right for his group. What the "sheriff" would do, his dad.

Then we see some references back to season 1. Merle screaming to the Governor that he would not beg him, that was a flash back to season 1 when he was chained to the roof and dehydrated and delusional. At that time he was apparently having flashbacks of his father and the abuse received at home. When he stood up to his father.

When Andrea mentioned the safety...this too was a reference back to season 1 when Rick first met them in Atlanta after escaping the tank. She drew on him and he later told her that if she was to draw on someone she had better know how to work the safety and showed her how to turn it off.

The discussion with Carl was a reflection of Rick and where Rick had gone and how it had affected Carl. Rick started off not wanting everyone to die, that their group would be a moral group that would have high standards. And they did...then they drifted...even Hershel had moved into a mindset after the farm that it is survival of the fittest. Which was originally not his mentality. So now I think we will see a shift back to season 1 thinking and a more accepting group that is more tolerable to strangers.

They now have firepower and with the able bodies should be able to fix up the prison and the associated prison yard and secure things from the walkers. Plenty of garden space and such as well. I think the prison will make a more secure place than Woodbury could have.

And I think Carl was too quick to shoot the kid. The kid had not chance and knew it...he was going to drop the gun. Just too scared to think strait. Two guns bearing down at him at short range... Carl was in the wrong honestly.
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