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the guy's son was the stupid kid who blocked merle's one shot at the governor. merle had the governor in his scope but the kid walked into the way at the last second, inadvertently taking the headshot bullet for the governor. i think merle ended up eating that kid when daryl got there
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We know that all weapons were collected in a previous episode. I doubt that Granny was packin'.
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Daryl was there atv woodbury and it was a handfull of them that knew about the fights,not all of woodbury. Woodbury was under a fog of bs the gov was feeding thwm.. Tyrese didnt try to warn the whole town he only raised his suspiscions to a select few .. the lone survivor helped people see the truth just before being gunned down..
rick's group wasn't exactly at the woodbury town meeting to hear the governor recruiting everybody. a crowd eager to join you will say anything, so all the prison team had was tyrese's and that woman's words that the busload of people coming in are defenseless, and both of those people were trying to kill the prison team on that same day they wanted to join them: the woman joining the attack with the governor and tyrese from the wall. you'd take their words that same night if you were rick? he took that decision too lightheartedly.

it still isn't too far fetched that the gov retreated knowing fighting head-on wasn't going to work, planted a bunch of zombies and told the woman to stay in the car, making up the whole story about how he killed his own men, and then coaxing the prison team to accept the defenseless crowd, with secret orders to kill the prison team once they were in. this isn't out of the question because the gov is confirmed to be deceitful, and because it's a battle plan 2000+ years old. yet they just willy nilly let everyone walk in. even if they did frisk them, there are weapons in the prison, no? but everyone was just outside greeting the crowd leaving them to wander wherever they want when they get inside to search for weapons... too fairy tale.
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