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Variety Gearbag Sale. Hoppers, parts, clothing, barrels etc!!

Got a bunch of the extra gear for sale today. Sorry for the awful pics

All items are in great condition unless otherwise noted. Please post before you pm me.

Tank Parts:
CP 45/4500 Stubby. Hydroed in March of this year. Regulator needs new burst disk SOLD
Ninja Adjustable regulator LNIB $35 OBO
Crossfire HP Regulator SOLD

LNIB Halo 2 with Shocktech Guts and rip drive, This hopper takes a 9vSOLD
Halo Boards- V35 and B2 Please offer no idea on these
Various Halo Parts- Rip Drive, Rip Drive rod, lids, battery packs, screws. Offer
Dye camo V3 Rotor. Excellent Condition SOLD

Barrels: (All are autococker threaded)
2x Dust Black UL back. Stock bore 9/10 35 OBO
Gloss Black UL back. .690 bore 9/10 35 OBO
LNIB Dust Blue UL back. .692 Bore 35 OBO
3x Dust Black UL tips 30 OBO
Dust Red Un1tech SOLD
Gloss Black Un1tech SOLD
Gloss Black Un1tech Back SOLD


Olive Medium Dye C7 PantsSOLD
Yellow Proflex LensSOLD
Miami "Rage" Flex Frame. SOLD
LNIB Gloss Black CCM On/Off 25 OBO
Stock DM6 Trigger- Offer
Stock DM6 LPR plug- Offer
Dye Drop- 10 obo

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