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milsig mk1 with 5 mags for sale/trade

Up for sale I have a Milsig mkI in good condition; its paint has been touched up and it has the upgraded polymer nozzle (needed to be sealed but works fine) and the original nozzle, as well as a metal cocking handle. It comes with a 16" four rail one piece metal shroud, a grip/bipod (not pictured), a collapsing stock, and an apex 2 barrel. It will also come with ONE MAG (the other 4 mags were sold), and a 4 mag double ak mag pouch, all 18rd mags.

I want 200 for all of it, I may part, but I need stuff accounted for first.

I am open to trades, offer up but I do NOT WANT the following; smart parts, tippmans, BT, t68, and pumps. offer up worse I say is no.
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