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refresh my memory is a victory a spool or poppet? the reason I ask is to determin what the orings on the bolt actually DO ya know do they seal pressure like the ones on the spool might or are they there just as a technicality. like on most poppets. I would suggest a 800 hone and work it in small increments 15-20 sec at a time and check it that way you will not get too deep accidentally. Also remember hones are not suppose to be used stationary. what i mean is you should never stop a hone in a bore while its spinning always keep it moving up and down the bore a really good hone job is marked by the cross pattern that the marks make in the bore. what this pattern means is that the id surface of the bore is even.

and use lots of oil it slows the process down and keeps things cool. it also keeps the hone stones form loading up and then galling the bore.
It s a vice and it s a poppet so orings are technical. What stone material would you use?
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