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Odyssey cocker fix?

I built this Odyssey Cocker pump last year and it quickly became my favorite go to for the season. It has been sitting over the winter and when I got it out to test it for this spring it was leaking really badly down the barrel. Yay. My Autococker experience prior to this marker was basically nil so any suggestions for getting it back in working order would be very helpful.

I assume it has something to do with the valve not sealing properly. I have taken the marker all the way down and checked/replaced o-rings and cleaned/ relubed everything. I am not seeing any reason that it should be leaking like it is.

Also does anyone know if the Valve in the Odyssey o3m is a standard autococker valve or if its unique to that brand? Need to know in case I need to try replacing some parts.

Thanks in advance MCB

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