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Victor II pistol conversion help

Well i got a victor II of a friend for 15$ today and im planning to convert it into a pistol.

But i need some help before i can go forward.

First of all how do you adjust the velocity? I feel like an idiot but i just cant seem to figure it out.

Secondly it there anyway to change the piece of the gun the t would attach to the reg but just attaches to the braided steel cable and the grip.

im planning to convert it so i can hardline it to a 12 gram changer welded onto the side. Then im gonna get a spring feed loader and put it on the top. Then replace the grip frame with a 45 single trigger frame and anno it

its a little expensive for a 15$ gun i know but hopefully i can pick up cheap stuff in big "yard sales" .

If you can help of give me any suggestions id appreciate it.

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