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Slim - "camping"
Craig O. - "camping"
Ron P.
Rich B. - camping
Pete O. - "camping"
Derek A.
Yoda (the) - camping - steak/tequila/gars
Feyd - camping
Weasel - Camping(?)
Titus, Amber, & Jason - Camping(?)
Born4Evil +2 - Most likely camping.
Shoot to thrill
Rothstein, Tapt, FlyingMonkey (possibly 2-3 others) - Camping


Originally posted that they would attend - just need to confirm to let us know if they are coming, if they are bringing anyone else and if they're camping:
The Shootist
dgorman47 & his brother
Pauly from Cousins
Pyrate Jim

Still Unkown:
Charlie G.
Little Sister

OK, I have updated and cleaned up the list. If everyone who originally posted that they would attend shows up, then we are looking at over 30 players again for this game.

Weasel and Titus, I'm assuming you guys are camping as usual? Jack, your last post was rather cryptic, so I just want to make sure you're coming (and if you're camping). Also, we just need the folks who originally posted that they would attend (a while back) to confirm if they are still in or not. I need to get Strategy Plus as accurate a head count as possible.

I'm not sure about the fire wood - assume we need it, so bring whatever you can.

Also, it's time to start getting together your paint and 12-gram orders. We need to give Titus some time to get everything in, so shoot him a PM with whatever you need. T, please post up an order cut-off date when you get a chance.

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