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This thread is old. Please do not PM me about these items.

I have way too much stuff.


Prices are as labeled. Minimum Purchase is $10.
International orders are welcome, but the min is $15 + actual shipping.

Shipping is included in the price.

Please Post or PM me!


Red Stubby Cocker Barrel - $sold
Black Smart Parts Cocker Barrel - $sold
Black Bob Long Cocker Barrel - $gone
?? Black Cocker Barrel - $gone
Black Tacticool Ion Barrel - $15
Invert Carbon Fiber Ion Barrel w/ Homemade raincover - $gone
Dust Black Freak Backs, Ion Thread: $gone
Silver/Chrome Ion Freak Back: $gone
Red Freak Tip: $sold
Blue Freak TIp: $sold

Back Blocks: $5ea
Front block w/ VASA: $10
Shocktech Gas Thru - $5
Feednecks: $5ea
Beaver Tail : $5
Tadao? eblade board w/ XSF Chip - $15

Xonic Front block w/ lpr, etc $sold
Eblade covers $5ea
ANS race font block $10

Belsales Bolt + Pin $15
Shocktech Bolt + pin $15
Stock Bolt $5
Kapp Bolt pin $5
Other bolt pin $5
Banjo Bolts $5ea
Odd shaped banjo bolt $10
Beaver tail $5

Xvalve w/ ULT + parts - $210
Eblade Frame w/ 1.06 Board + working solenoid/display, etc $70

Working eblade solenoid + screws + gasket $gone
Ego Reg $gone
Empire Reg $25

SP 3k Maxflow $15
LPRs $10ea
Rams $5ea
3way $5

Belsales Valve $30
Eclipse Valve $30
Shocktech Halo Kit $10
Halo Eyes $5
CCM Patch $5
Clippard Qevs $15ea
Eblade covers $5ea
QEV w/o Fitting $10
Misc fittings $5ea
Sear $5

High Pressure Rated Ion boards (epiphany,eos) $45ea
Virtue Ion Board $sold
Sp 360 Qevs $15ea
Eye boards, eye boards, and 5/32 banjos: $3ea.
1/8 Banjo $5
Virtue Red Eyes: $10
DM Pads $5ea

Mag Rail $35
mag Front grip $15
Virtue Vmax Crown $10

Deadlywind Ion Body $35 (heavyish)
ANS Grip Frame $25
Ion Frame $25

Firing Cans $5ea
Bolt Stops $5ea
Breech w/ Spring Detents: $10
NDZ Can + breech: $15

ASAs $4ea
On/Off Drops $10ea
Kapp and other "small" silver drop: $5ea
Other drops: $8ea

NDZ Ion Body + grip $gone
ANS Ion Body $10
NDZ Ion Bolt $10
Lucky Sprung Bolts $20ea
Red Dual Tail oring bolt $15

All feednecks for $10. 4 lucky ion and one mag?
Ego 5? Frame $40
SP Drop $10
SP on/off asa $15
Ion eye board $3
Warrior ion bolt $10

No idea whats in here. I think there is a rex dialer kit and some mq2 valve seals..

Blue w/ Black Accents Punisher PB Frame SOLD

Trinity Sick Ion Frame w/ APE Rampage Board.. $150
-Great condition.. stickers are easy to remove and clean up..
-Frame has been milled per pictures for APE Membrane Pad
- Sold as a package deal.. includes banjos..

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