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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
Problem with a 3.5-ounce is that, at least at my field, the kiddie refs working the air station can't fill it worth a damn. I don't even get a quarter fill from them. HOW is idiot-proof to fill.
Much truth in this. At Canadian Carnage I had the person doing CO2 fills ask what my 3.5oz was. I said it was my CO2 bottle. She said she had never seen one that small. That set the mood for the fill.

She filled it and I headed out to the field. I was standing on the sidelines when I started to hear a slight hiss. I quickly backed the tank out of my Hammer A and it poured out of the bottle near the end of the turns(ie. the pin was depressed enough that since the bottle was overfilled the excess blew out). Thankfully, I only blew the tank o-ring and not the burst disc.
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