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Originally Posted by Mike Deep View Post
KEH has 5D classics for $550-650 fairly regularly, so I have no idea why you're making offers around POTN for one.

The only deal I've ever done over POTN was local pickup.

Outside of the marketplace, POTN's busiest forums are all wrapped up in the most tiresome minutia:
"What lens should I buy?"
"Is my camera focusing correctly? I really want to believe it isn't the most likely explanation--me."
"I dropped and broke something expensive because I'm an irresponsible scatterbrain."
and my personal favorite,
"Why doesn't everything spew rainbows when viewed at 100%?"

Seriously, if you go to the EF lens forum right now, those topics will be dominating the front page. I generally stay out of the lens and camera forums unless a serious technical question pops up.
Well I'm trying to find a 5D in Canada Mike I'd rather not pay the stupid prices Henrys wants and I'd rather not pay stupid shipping fees either. With that said you're spot on with what you're saying about POTN outside of BST. Just left a bad taste in my mouth to get slagged for telling a guy clearly trying to get one over to go pound sand. I just looked at KEH if I wasn't about to get wacked with duties I'd buy over there thanks for the heads up

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