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My dearest Son,
I was just thinking about your birthday present as I was trudging through five acres of un-mowed knee high grass looking at the fence line that needs to be round-up'ed. The pine cones laying on the ground and the "snags" that need to be cut.
I can't start the dog gone weedeater (someone left it out in the rain).
The wood pile is getting slim and the garden needs to be roto-tilled and planted.
There are fences to mend and the horse needs her feet trimmed.
Tires on the truck need to be rotated (you know how I am about that) and a oil change is due.
Its about time to clean the filters on the swimming pool and the whole damn yard needs to be raked and the burn pile is not getting any smaller.
Love you and can't wait until you get here --- DAD
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