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Originally Posted by bob_wuzza View Post
I've shot and Fixed both extensively

The DM & pM ( any year for that matter ) are Great shooting guns
very quiet and the smoothest shot, easy to diagnose problems and
seem to have less gremlins than the NT. They're easy to tune and re-sale
value is great.and way more people know how to fix them due to their popularity
oh And they're the most consistent marker over the chrono

The NT are however a little bit less "kickier" even tho the DM is phenomenal
the sound signature is almost sexual.. very Snappy. but the Gremlins are numerous.
the NT 10 has 2 bumpers on the inner spool. the back one tends to shatter sometimes
They still shoot while it shatters but the fragments move around and damage orings
the NT 11 solved this by removing it completely.
tuning it is Unique to the gun. And shooting bellow 260FPS ( for re-balls )is a challenge
the first suggestion I would give to a new owner is Never read the tuning guide
I've tried to test my marker using the guide and from my experience it's Shenanigans
re-sale value dropped like a rock the last year or so. consistency depends, for me some days we're great others were all over the place. and temperature affects the velocity alot.

So my experience says go with DM, less issues.
Unless you're like me and get a Zombieland NT and cant get rid of it because its
So Damn pretty! DM or PM of any year is a win!
Thanks a bunch! Best help I have had on here for awhile.
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