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Canon 5D Classic

Been in the market for a new camera lately. I've decided that I'm not going for another crop-sensor body. I still have a 7D that I can use pretty much whenever, but it's not mine personally as it belongs to the company I work with. Looking to buy my own camera.

So, pretty much the only two cameras that fit within my price range are the 1Ds classic and the 5D(not a MKII or MKIII). I'm not really looking to stray away from Canon either.

Are either of these cameras obsolete? I'm looking more towards the 5D right now as it seems to be a better camera. Most of my plans for this camera involve landscape photography and a little bit of portraiture. Would the 5D be able to withstand heavy use? I've heard some mixed reviews about 5D quality.

I guess I'm just wondering what the crowd thinks. It's an 8 year old camera, is it still capable?

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