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I feel the same way. I'm driving there to play Antonio, then going home to Hs. Not GLR(some are going), just me. Knowing you won't be there now I may even drop that. Antonio's coming to run Merc for the Monster. We're gonna see how many field laps we can gun before we get hit. My solo record is 3. We've got day of the rangers in may, global conquest in june, monster in july, shields in aug, TWC in sep.

If you come as a mob and want to run together I can set you guys up with good wingmates on either team for any of those games.

If you come solo or with 1 or 2, I'm putting you in a black jersey for which ever game it is. Our captains know that I won't go to the mat for any old pistol player, I'm still occasionally surprised to look down and see myself in black. The only guest Mercs last year were Nick Slowiak, Pete Utschig and Bob Long, not bad company....
Regardless I'll steal you for a run or two, the opportunity to run with a doubledozen 20bps demons all experienced in working with pistoleros is available nowhere else in the world.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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