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Originally Posted by cliffords the man View Post
Once the NT has been properly broken in and/or if you are lucky enough to get one that works well then its a dream...
I have an NT and love it
But you might be unlucky to pick up a temperamental one...
I have two NT's, both 2010. They shoot like a dream. And quite efficient. On a 68/4500 I easily shoot 7 pods plus my Rotor with air to spare. Everyone speaks of the "problem" NT's, but I have yet to see one. Two other friends swear by theirs, and other than having to know what o-rings solve what problems, they are no different maintenance wise to a DM or PM. I am not a technical person, but I have been able to keep my NT 10's working great.

I owned a DM8 so I can't specifically compare it to a DM10, but I do know my DM8 was a gas hog compared to my NT10.
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