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Pepperball flashlight

This is a stock photo, it looks much better than the photos i took of mine.

The non-lethal FlashLauncher™ combines a bright tactical flashlight and laser with a semi-automatic PepperBall launcher, providing you with a powerful personal defense product and the confidence to know that you and your family are safe and protected. Its bright 100 lumen flashlight illuminates the user’s immediate surroundings, such as the inside of a vehicle, a dark room, a dimly lit alley, etc., while the launcher allows you to fire up to 5 PepperBall projectiles in semi automatic fashion with laser directed accuracy.
I bought this a few years ago took it out of the case to shoot one tube of paint through it and then it went back on the shelf. First off it shoot somewhere at or above 400 fps so it is not field legal out of the box. The flash light and laser pointer are working fine

$150 OBO
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