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My Little Project - Swordfish

We don't have a car specific forum around so I decided to leave this here...

I've been spending my spare time and money (spare money? riiiiggght...) on this, an '86 Porsche 944 which I've dubbed Swordfish:

The body is mostly straight, the interior is in mostly good condition, and the engine is completely shot. But that's just fine.

So I did this last week:

The car now sits engine-less, if that's a term. That engine won't go back in, nor will any other Porsche engine. I'll be swapping in a slightly beefier Chevy LS1. I've got the majority of the parts I need for that.

But all further engine work is on hold. I didn't stop at removing the engine. She's currently being stripped for paint. Body work will get done along the way along with GTS headlamps and new fiberglass front fenders, header panel, and Turbo-style race bumper.

As she sits as of this morning:

I haven't decided entirely on what paint to go with. When it finally comes down to it I'll probably end up going with black. Other options are being explored but really I haven't thought of anything I would like better.

Feel free to suggest colors, though, it's nice to see options.
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