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Here's some info from the event promoter via Facebook:
1st Place with a score of 1992.06 was David Williams and Chris Fisher. (David Williams is the designer and owner of Carmatech Engineering and developed the SAR12 bolt action paintball sniper rifle.)
2nd Place with a score of 1852.75 was David Davis and Vincent "Skreech" Aponte from Team ODX.
3rd Place with a score of 1645.37 was Andrew "TAZ" Chantalle and Wendall "Runaway" McInnis of Callsign Boxer.
4th Place with an honorable score of 1634.09 was Matt "Stretch" Armstrong and Chad "Whiplash" Moore of Team Psiworx.
Highlights were: Incredible shooting by Dave Williams nailing the 200 ft target 21 times and the 300 ft target 5 times in 2 minutes! The speed of Vincent and David on the endurance run and making the shot with Valken's Redemption paintballs. "TAZ" making long distance shots with a pistol. David Cady for making a 178 foot shot from the back of a moving "Duece and a half" the kneeling position!!! "Stretch and Chad Moore making a 30.38 second run throught the TAPSAC range with Milsig Magfed markers, when the total fastest time was 29.78 with an A5 and a speedball marker!
I haven't seen anything yet discussing ranges involved in any of the stages, or the scoring applied for any range. Nor was there any mention of shooting from a moving vehicle.

Personally, I find it odd that Carmatech is a sponsor and, they fielded a team, and second place was taken by the same group who ran the event (ODX).
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