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Custom Pump T-Shirts for Sale - Overrun - CCM J12 Blow out!

Hello MCB'rs. I had a presale on CCM T-shirts that went very well - and I just took delivery of the finished product today.

Design #1:

XXL - SOLD OUT! (Sold to Blachace75 and Fluff)
XL - SOLD OUT (Sold to Deuce)

Design #2:

XL - SOLD (toofless)
XXL - SOLD OUT ( 1 sold to Fluff)

Both shirts are printed on 100% cotton preshrunk cotton shirts made by Gildan.

Here is the finished product:

Sorry for the cell phone pics.

Price on these are 25 shipped for one - and 45 shipped for two.

Get them while they are hot!

Pumpenstein - NSA National Champions

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