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Originally Posted by cbrpaintball View Post
some one was trying to tell me that my 13cui hpa tanks dosent need to be rehydroed ,is this right
Ive heard so many different things. the 2x2 rule etc.
I got a "brand new" tank from rap4 and the date on it was 08/07 and I received the tank on 07/12. I called rap4 and they told me the tank they sold me NEVER NEEDS TO BE REHYRDROED. I also asked on their FB page and via E-mail and they told me the same thing. The tank is actually 1 6/8ths diameter. Im still using the tank to this day and plan to for awhile too.
I have another 13in tank but it is 2in on the dot and it says it needs to be re-hyrdoed on a certain date.


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