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Originally Posted by comovartia View Post
I do not run games but have been playing on and off since the early 80's. Been playing steadly since about 90. Every Monday night. Same core 3 players and game master with a revolving cast of others over the years. Mostly D&D 2nd & 3rd. Played the Paladium universes for a number of years and GURPS. Some West End Games. It is how I stay sane in an unsane world.
Nice i had a group in college that played every saturday night for about 3 years. When ever we got bored with one game we would start a new campaign and characters in another. We regular switched between some form of DnD and Rifts which included palladium and heroes/villians. Was pretty fun to have crazy mixed parties in Rifts. Cosmo Knights, Glitter boy pilots, werewolves, mages. I have some pretty fond memories of my Cosmo Knight character flying Mach 6 through the engine compartment of flying transports and tearing them out. Good times.
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