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Ditto on the Munchkin, have almost all of the sets. They keep making 'em and I keep buying 'em.

Let's see, used to play D&D ever since just before 2nd all they way through 3e, stopping just before 3.5. Also big into Cyberpunk 2020, Deadlands, Champions, Star Wars (West End and d20... the WE stuff was better, mostly for the lack of prequel trilogy and JarJar foolishness), Rifts, and a bunch of other ones that I'm too lazy to type out.

What am I playing now? Um, nothing. Have been dabbling in a great little Lego-based 'mech combat wargame, Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack. Check this out:

Hybrid High Legs/Chub - front by usagi_tetsu, on Flickr

That's less than 6 inches high, and pretty big for the game. I love how much detail some of the better makers in the hobby can cram into such tiny creations.
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