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I have owned several Havoc launchers and all of them were great. Never seen or used a JCS launcher so I cant comment on those.

Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
im thinkin of sellin my havoc....

she shoots great
but i just dont use it enough to justify it sitting on my wall 50 weeks a year

i was impressed with the havoc, seems to work very well
lol Ive had mine for like 2 years,owned 3 different ones and I have never been to a "big game"..ever. Its never gone against a tank. Ive played "tag" with a set of them, used them in a few small games and annoyed the hell out of my friends on new years but never used it for its actual purpose.

Its just a stupid expensive fun toy I own. I want to bring it to LL6 but I dont think Ill get an AT card :-(. Would be cool if I can use it for the "mag fed" madness on friday though. Its pretty dam realistic looking now so I feel they should allow it


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