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Patch Collection (VERY Pic Heavy)

I picked up a collection of gear from a player who was active in tournaments in the late 80's / early 90's era, including a box of patches. Some of these I recognize, some I've never heard of; in any case, I'm looking for information on the business, team, event, etc., or the patch itself (different versions, or what have you).

I have some of these in multiples, and extras might end up in the BST. Maybe. Either way, information on value is also appreciated.

I've numbered them for convenient reference, and listed what I already know.

#1. ORKS (Organized Rapid Kills 1989-1990 Team Patch). The lot belonged to their former captain, who by the way, is now registered here on MCB as "Adder."

#2. Dry Heeves. A team patch, I assume. There are something like 15 of these so you can probably start your own team if you happen to be from Manassas

#3. Lyons Trading Company. Never heard of it.

#4. RPS/PMI Music City Open 1991. I'd love the tournament results and any stories out there, but even WARPIG doesn't go quite that far back.

#5. The Ultimate Adventure. No information.

#6. Outdoor Adventures Oct. 1990. No information.

#7. The Phantom. When did Mike have these available?

#8. Virginia Paintball Championships 1988. No information.

#9. Tech-Na-Ball. Not sure, but I think the gentleman I bought these from mentioned this as a store in Manassas that was a major retailer at the time.

#10. Paintball Sniper. Looks pretty generic to me.

#11. Air Assault Team. No information.

#12. Paint Check. Was this a publication? I know the name from somewhere.

#13. Line SI Masters, Nashville, 1989. There are four of these, so of course I pick the one with a blemish to photograph. I'd be very interested in participating team lists and results; I think the ORKS were there, but again, this pre-dates WARPIG. Also AGD introduced the 6-PAK at this event.

#14. Bart's Stud Squad. Anyone have information on this team? This is a large patch, maybe 4 inches.

#15. Commanchee Combat Survival 1990. A field?

#16. Barnet Rangers. No information.

#17. LRRP Cup July 14, 1990. No information.

#18. Swamp Rats. No information.

#19. Failsafe. This is one of those I feel like I should know, but can't place it.

#20. Paint Check Tournament, May 26 & 27 1990 @ Skirmish, Jim Thorpe, PA.

#21. Line SI. I like these almost as much as the Bushmaster and Skirmish that they came with. Almost.

#22. International Paintball Players Association. Did these come in a membership packet?

#23. Aerostar East. A very unique and colorful patch; one of my favorites. I did find this link here; I guess Aerostar was a big mail-order retailer back in the 80's/90's?

#24. JT Racing USA. There were a couple of what I think are window decals in the box as well.

#25. Ok, I don't really need help with these. I bought them form the sources myself. Now, if Dan Bacci would make a patch, too... *cough cough*

Thanks for looking, and thanks for any information you can provide!


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