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used paintball pricing

so i have been in the sport for near 15 years and till this day i still dont understand were people pull there prices from for instance the dye company release a gun every year they have and probably will for a long time.
well people dont realize every year when the new one comes out there is a price reduction of 100 to 150 and then the next year and so on and so forth. so if you have a for instance a 2011 rail which cost you 400-450 but the year is now 2013 and you can now buy a 2011 rail for 200-250 brand new in what aternate reality is your gun you have been shooting and playing with for 2 years still worth 250 dollars. there is something called value depreciation that means once you buy that brand new gun and shoot it from then on it is used not new. so when some one is selling something used at new cost and put something like i only put 200 balls through it that does not really matter. it is no longer new it worth about 2/3 the value at that moment you air it up and start ripping through that "200" actual 2000+ paint balls. now that is said when you add upgrades to a gun it doesnt really add to the value it in most cases take from it do to the fact you got the modifications you wanted. granted there are those times when it is done right others not so right twelve different colored pieces all over the gun does not really look good and most doesnt function right either. so really just wanted to put this out there im personally looking around and im just apauled at what people are asking for some stuff then are more than willing to turn around and tell another person no man sorry that things worthless if you do know the actual value of an item tell the person a realistic amount. and sell your used slightly or not so slightly used gear for a fair price a price you would be willing to pay.
ps. if you are not a retail store and willig to guarantee an item you can not expect to get what the paintball store is asking on new or used gear. and yes i understand there are rare or hard to come by markers and also classic and collectible ones those are not what im talking about.
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