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So to make things a bit more clear. Bart from Impact sold his stakes in the NPPL and moved on to focusing the team on PSP.

His share of the NPPL ownership was bought by Valken thus making the league more or less owned by Valken.

There was a good bit of chatter at the HB event about what would be happening and the change of venues was a bit of the back burner talk. Now with the chance of dates and the lack of conflict with other leagues I assume some teams will maybe return to play if they are able to use their sponsors paint.

I also assume that this means that Valken will start to see some more play in PSP and maybe even by the end of the season have some of their paint available for sale at World Cup.

I just hope 7-man isn't axed as the non coaching format is much more fun to play than everyone screaming when someone does an amazing move. I understand that ramping helps improve paint sales for the industry but all of the other things that is causes in my mind tend to limit of players true ability to play the sport.

That and finally have a pro spot would be annoying to see the league disappear after only getting to play one event. Who wants to retire after only playing one event?

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