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Humungous grip! This must be some kind oŽrecord..

I stumbled upon a nice snag a while ago, a box oŽold stuff on a flea market in Gothenburg.

* Sterling, including stock barrel and a Armson barrel. Awful colorscheme,but whataheck...
* Two old hoppers and elbows, barrelswab and pod.
* A Vents Predator, with two sets of foam and a nice smoke lens.

Pricetag: 50 swedish crowns, appr. $8! SCORE!

When i got it home, i aired up the Sterling. Constant leak through the barrel.
Teared it down, changed some o-rings and lubed it up.
Now it works like a charm!

To the funny part of the story;
Take a look at the grips on this puppy!

They are like 3.5" wide at some parts....
Thought iŽd better share, this must be some kinda record...

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