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Help Me Pick a New Video Game

I've beaten the games I have, so I need something new to play. The only one I have that I haven't finished is Crysis 2, and I think it'll become apparent in a few minutes why I'm tired of it. So I need a new game for the 360 that fits the following criteria.

What I like in a game:
- 1st or 3rd person shooter (including flight sims)
- Really cool graphics
- Neat cinematic "WOAH!" moments (like what COD does so well)
- Lack of strategy, sneaking, having to make weapons, etc.
- The ability to just hold down the trigger, shoot anything that moves, and laugh maniacally while I do it.
- A worthwhile (at least) single player campaign. I don't play online, so off has to be fun.
- A year or so old so I can get it dirt cheap.

What I do NOT like in a game:
- Magic, sorcery, "nanomachines"...basically if you have "powers" (like in Bioshock), I'm out. I just want guns, rocket launchers, futuristic laser guns, stuff like that.
- Being responsible for multiple characters. I like to lone wolf it. I don't want to have to control a squad or anything like that.
- Never having enough ammo (Crysis 2)
- Enemies taking WAY too long to kill (Crysis 2)
- Scary ****. I admit it, I'm a big puss and don't want to crap myself (probably why, along with the making weapons thing, I haven't tried Dead Space yet)

I want to wade into hoardes of enemies, guns blazing, not having to worry running out of ammo, my gun breaking down, etc. Just a simple, mindless, good graphics, run and gun shoot em up.

Games I have that I enjoyed (for reference):
- 007: Bloodstone
- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
- all CODs
- Fallout 3
- Red Dead Redemption any ideas?
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