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I'm gunna give warframe a try as well.

I'm gunna recommend the new Bioshock Infinite, I watched my friend play and it's BEAUTIFUL. There is some "magic" abilities, idk much about them though. the scenery distracts me from that crap.

Far Cry 3 is a good game, and on May 1st, they're releasing a separate DLC-esque (but does not need far cry 3 to play) game called Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon for $15. It's supposed to be a spoof of like corny over the top '80s action movies/video games. Neon colors, retardedly macho characters, "futuristic" laser stuff. You know. Look up some sneak peeks on youtube! But the core Far Cry 3 is very fun, I don't play too strategically except for sniping people occasionally, and if you like to go in guns-blazing...they send more enemies at you It's pretty awesome.
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