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I've been an almost 100% stock class player. 2009 was the last time I played with a semi. Last year I played about 20min with an open class. I'm about half way through the book. There is a lot af excellent info. I would not have some one new to paintball read this at this time. I feel there is to much misinformation. I started playing in the mid to late 1990s with an open class pump. At that time I would have agreed with 95% of this. Over the years many of my misconceptions about pumps vs semi autos have been proved wrong. Today even a very cheap semi auto is accurate and can out shoot most individuals with auto trigger. I also have some issues with tactics. I strongly agre with being aggressive, thinking and manuvering. I would never discourage teamwork. A team is always stronger then an individual. By team I mean a group of people working together for the same goal, not a group of individuals shouting at one another. Don't ever underestimate your opponent.

I think this book has potential to be great.
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