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new to mags and completly lost

I think I’m fairly competent and have found I can fix/work on most basic guns. (spyders, tippmanns, ion, cocker)

I’m new to mags but they seem fairly simple. I picked up a classic mag locally on craigslist and the guy showed me it fired, but it did seem to leak about everywhere possible. The body was beat and overall I knew it would need some work. It was dirt cheap and since it did fire I figured a rebuild kit would get it running and I could start a new project.

Picked up a parts kit, lv 10 kit, body, rail, and got to work. I rebuilt it, replaced all o-rings, lubed it, and followed the lv guide to start to tune it for lv 10 and when I put air in it……NOTHING!

I pull the trigger and nothing happens. I broke it down made sure I put everything back together correctly and tried again with the same result.

If I hold down the trigger (which has pressure) it will make a small “puff of air” sound. Im not sure where to go from here.


Got the new piston and put everything together with the lv7. got it going great @ 280ish fps. Put in the 1.5 carrier and the lv 10 bolt and it worked great. I used the lv7 spring and it was too rough so i went with the mid size spring.

Thanks to everyone here for their help! The community really stepped up and helped out.

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