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Ok. After a day of play I have a few more notes.

#1. They aren't kidding when they recommend that you break yourself into wearing them. My achilles is a-killin' me.

In all seriousness, these performed admirably at the field. It was after-rain play, so I got to try them out on dry, rocky, muddy, sloppy, and wet steps. I intentionally splashed through some really grotty areas to check water-tightness, and was surprised at how little my feet got wet. The jungle vents didn't seem to let all that much water in.

Grip was excellent under all conditions. I slid once the entire day, and I'm pretty sure I would have slid there even if I was wearing cleats. Surprisingly enough, the wet stairs were also easily navigated. I expected to slip there as I always have in my regular boots, and didn't. Not sure what the big difference is, but it was a nice surprise.

You really feel the stretch in your calves and achilles while wearing these. I've had the boots on for less than 8 hours total before going to the field, and could really tell the difference when I was playing. On the plus side, I didn't get any breaking-in blisters from anywhere, so the fit to my foot/ankle was very good.

After playing in them, I'm even more sold. My balance was enhanced, and the grip worked very well in multiple conditions.
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