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The 12 gram holder is the Brass Eagle one. I got it from the local store's clearance table.

But the CCI Phantom changers are a LOT nicer. But you'll need some sort of ASA threading to mount it to. Also you'll want the knurled end of the changer fully exposed or it'll make unscrewing and screwing it back on a nightmare.

One option is if you can find one of the solid end plugs and then drill and tap it for 1/8 NPT and then screw in a mini cocker ASA adapter then it'll hold the changer horizontal for you.

For myself I prefer the vertical positioning as it ensures no liquid in the valve area and very easy and fast access for reloading the next 12. But there's no doubt that a horizontal adapter would look a lot nicer.

Ooooooo.... a plug that accepts an autococker vertical adapter would be SUPERB! No little and weak 1/8 NPT stub. GREAT! Now I have a NEW project....

You get us two vertical adapters and I'll make up the plugs to adapt them to the front of your spyder and trade you an adapter for a plug. While you're shopping get a CCI 12 holder. If it's for a semi then you'll want the tubes to be held vertically so they feed.
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