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Originally Posted by The_Tiger19 View Post
Yeah I understand that, I didn't order any custom body work though, just some parts he had in stock
A lot of the parts you would think he has in stock he makes, like pump kits and stuff. I think it took about a month to get my order for a body he already had cut and a pump kit, I made it clear I was in no hurry and I didn't even send him my shipping label until a week after I placed the order. I also knew that he's a busy guy, just like me, so I wasn't worried about the wait.

If you read any of the posts in this forum you know his work takes time, but it's totally worth it. I have another half block and pump kit from another airsmith that I thought was good, until I saw how much better Jcurt's stuff was.

From what I've seen he stands behind his work. Also this stuff is just a side job for him so i'm sure when his main work keeps him overtime it's hard to get to these projects.
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