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Originally Posted by TheYoda View Post
I will definitely hit up a BYOP day or two.
Originally Posted by BLachance75 View Post
I'm going to play the OSG BYOP game on May 26th. It I Memorial Day weekend so I'm thinking it will be busy. I anybody else wants to go play with the unwashed masses post up. I'll most likely be using something with a bit more firepower than a pump but will bring it as well.
Originally Posted by tlane77 View Post
I'll play at OSG the BYOP game possibly. I'm playing the Call of Duty scenario there the weekend before.

I'll bring my pump but I'll probably end up using my Etha.
The paintball season is always shorter than we think, so no time like the present! I'm in for the May BYOP date at OSG.

Originally Posted by BLachance75 View Post
There was some talk yesterday about a game mid June, I think the 16th.

A game at Splatttttttland

If anybody has an opinion or other suggestion post them up.
If we have the TAC game and an OSG day in May, I'm guessing most will be jonesing for some Splatttttttland by mid-June.
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