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Paintball Explosion near Chicago...

So, i was talking with a friend and we were considering making the drive to hit up this field sometime this spring/early summer...

Then i looked at their paint prices. As someone who helps run a field, those prices appall me. And the last several fields i payed even near that much for their field paint, it was terribad paint for the price. Also, i have yet to have a good "FPO Draxus" paint experience...

So, i guess i'm asking, is their paint actually good? Does it actually break on target? (biggest complaint with 90% of the DXS "FPO" paint i've used in the past 2 The ones that have been nice brittle shells usually wouldn't hit the broad side of a barn...

Also, what is with all the pavement fields? Something against ppl with bad knees? (imho Pavement is my LEAST favorite surface to play any running/kneeling type of spart) (i already spend my entire workday standing/kneeling on concrete floors)

Is it worth the cost, joint annoyance, and drive?
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