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Well, had a blast playing with it a mercy and a small target "longball" (well, probably 50 yards, it's hard to aim that when you have to hold it back for a while!) plus some other eliminations.

Only issue I had was low velocity; it may improve when I get to use summer paint (it was older winter paint as it was close to 0C) but I suspect my only issue is the large-bore stock barrel (I've heard around .692). I was pulling back at 60-65 lbs and needless to say my arm is a little sore today but no worries...only trouble was I was shooting about 250 fps. So I would probably be happy to back down the weight and get the same or get at least 280 at that pull.

Anybody try an aftermarket Spyder barrel on it yet? I understand you need a low O.D. to fit it (or you need to modify it) but I suspect a .680 barrel would help a LOT (current barrel is 20"; 15" or so unported from before the threads). Keep in mind due to a slow build in speed a shorter barrel will not help.

CP 2 piece 21" appears to be about 16" until porting, and I can get in .682. Any other suggestions?

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