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Brass and Wood Fan
Gloss Balck 2k3 Prostock Autococker $120 shipped

Got it off Ebay, remembered i hate AC's. It does work without leaks but will need another ASA. Shot it yesterday and it was shooting hot around 310 and i got 30 shots off a 12gram.

It does come with an on/off asa and a drop forward but the pin that depresses the valve pin is not there.

Black Magic Hinge trigger
Stock Barrel
Stock Pnuems
Shock-tech Delrin Bolt
Delrin bolt pin
WGP Ergo Reg
Drop forward with on/off ASA (that doesn't work, The pin is not there)
Press in feed neck adapter

I'd like $135 Shipped but my price is OBO
Trades are a good thing and i'm open to all kinds of stuff but I'm really looking for some KP2 stuff.
Shipping to Canada is possible but we'll have to talk
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