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I have for sale a Milsig CATS system that I bought from Doug Brown at PsiOps. Went to install it and I damaged the teflon orings. So I wasn't able to use when I played on Sunday. ..kinda liked my MK2 with out it to be I decided to sell it and use that money to buy a peanut 4500 CF tank.
What the system comes with:
CATS system which includes the air through stock, asa adapter that attaches to the marker and bottom asa plug. $150
GA 13/3000 tank, still in hydro. $45 SOLD
Tank in stock and guide $40 SOLD

Willing to look at trades, you ship first. Mainly looking for a in hydro 4500 CF peanut tank, more Milsig mags...more Milsim stuff...dont play speedball so wont have use for anything like that unless highly in my favor.

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