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Originally Posted by John Satclaire View Post
That's nice, but it doesn't change the fact that anyone--even an escaped convict--has the right to meet an unlawful act of aggression reasonably believed to result in death or serious bodily injury with deadly force.

If you'd like to make the argument that what these three clowns did was a lawful act of aggression because of his status and their being agents of the State, good luck. I've seen no facts to support those conclusions.

Unless you watched a different video than I did, this assumes facts not in evidence.

John I believe that if these ladies had the means to hire someone as brilliant a lawyer as you, that the judge would be soundly educated as to how the entire process was not only lawful, but of benefit to the community. I think there is room on both sides of the argument, and were you inclined you could use that space to inch the other side out.

Haven't seen the video, just read the posts.

And to whoever pointed out John is a lawyer, sure, but they are a dime a dozen. John is a rarer breed; too bad he sits on the wrong side of the political spectrum, we could use a guy like him!
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