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Regardless of personal opinions on the matter, this is an "industry" in dire need of oversight and a regulatory overhaul. It is more accurate to say that bounty hunters operate "outside" the law than within it. Police are highly trained professionals who must have very specific propbable cause, or in most cases a warrant issued by a court to be kicking in someone's door or jumping them on the street. In many states, a bounty hunter is just a person someone hired to grab another person, there is no regualtion at all. That act of two business persons engaging in a contract magically exempts one of the parties from most firearms, assault, kidnapping and home invasion laws accross much of the nation apparantly. Say, "I am a bounty hunter", and guess wht you are one and if a bail bondsman hires you to catch a bail jumper and voila, you now have more power than a police officer to go on a justice rampage. That is INSANE.
We really need to stop calling them bounty hunters. With the exception of those states that have no regulations for this sort of thing they are bail bondsman or bond enforcement agents or warrent apprehension officers. It does require training. Mostly formality type stuff in my opinion is a joke. But that being said they are not useless. Many law enforcement agencies have learned to use bondsmen to their advantage. Its an asset. Like you said bondsmen are not cops. Precisely why cops use them. Good luck trying to wander into the hood looking for someone who doesnt want to be found. Most hood rats can smell a cop a mile away. Even in plain clothes. All of that being said. All the tv shows are a joke. Those arent real bondsmen. Also, bondsmen never go after hardened criminals that gets reserved for people with more appropriate training. Ever heard of "no knocks"? Thats generally what swat does when theres either a fugitive or someone very very bad who skipped bail. The people bondsmen go after are mostly just petty thugs or otherwise screw ups. Thats why the show is dumb. If they announced themselves and he still either resisted or ran they had a right to use less lethal methods to put him down. As for the eye whoops too bad shouldn't have resisted. They will be found in the wrong most likely for not announcing themselves but its called LESS lethal for a reason and not NON lethal. To be honest i dont feel sorry for whatever happens to either group.
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