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Originally Posted by Finnigan View Post
I just found the Kindle editions of the two first Honor Harrington series books (On Basilisk Station and The Honor of the Queen) by David Weber free on Amazon. I have heard good things so I am going to start reading right now with my lunch!
Great bunch of books! I've finished most of the main line books (through Ashes of Victory) and then started reading the anthologies to get all of the intervening stories that happen between Ashes and the next book, War of Honor.

You can get damn near all of the Honor Harrington books through the Baen CD archives (here's one of the mirrors) or a goodly number of them directly through the Baen Free e-Book Library, plus lots of stuff from other authors.

The Baen CD Archive is neat. Basically, before the Kindle and iPhone came out and made e-books the next big thing, Baen started putting CDs in select hardbacks that had DRM-free electronic versions from many of their popular authors. It was a great idea, as it's pretty much how a drug dealer operates - you get the first taste free, and then you'll come back for more. The Archive mirrors also have the blessing of Baen and the authors, as only one author - Lois McMaster Bujold - has asked that her previously free books not be included, and her works can not be found in the Archive mirrors.
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