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A longshot, I know...

So I'm requesting the assistance of anyone who wants to offer it. I'm trying to track down an A5 that I last saw about 5 years ago. The quick back story on this: my teammate owned this A5 when we all used to run Tippmann, it was upgraded as far as an A5 could get at the time both internal and external. It had a SpecOps A5A2 stock and fore grip kit on it, as well as one of the aluminum Metadyne Flatline shrouds. The A5 was duracoated to match the SpecOps Omnipat camouflage by a local guy. The Tag on the side of the gun was replaced with a custom one that says 'Mjolnir', which makes this A5 Thor's hammer. My teammate sold it on eBay in '08-09.

My teammates and I were talking around a campfire the other night and the topic of guns we wished we never sold came up. This A5 was a favorite and it was fairly unanimous that he shouldn't have sold it.

If anyone on M. Carter is the current owner, knows the current owner, or has seen this A5 out and about, please let me know. The original owner wouldn't mind buying it back some day. Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer, otherwise enjoy a pretty gun.

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