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Clean ironmen Timmy

Ok bought this I cl a few days ago realy only wanted the sidewinder still don't want to sell it but I don't like sleeping on the couch lol

The marker will not come with the sidewinder pictured ow will come with a torpedo and a new in box black cp adj ram cap that I ordered earlier today

This marker is in great shape there are a few small flaws but hardy noticeable and they will be pictured

Only thing this beast needs is a set of eyes and detents other than that its ready to rip I just went threw it and cleaned and oiled it up

Aftermarket parts
Thumper ram
Checkit Asa
Dye boomstick

Looking to get 250 Obo
Trades welcome must be in my favor
Main things I'd look for are
Dye ul
Evil ehm lpr
Viking tornado valve
Rt valve
Vikin bolt pin
Feed necks that fit Vikings
14 in javelin

Now for some eye candy

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