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WALZ De Lisle silenced Sheridan Commando (Completed 7-23-13)

The start of the De Lisle silenced Sheridan Commando:
( for a member )

Started the base marker and made this stock for the Commando.
Used Maple for the stock (hard as a wedding night -rock).
I still need to inlet the fore grip (when shroud material shows up).
Although I did drop the neck for better sighting the stock
looks pretty close to the real meal deal and when
I get her all together she is going to be one unique bolt
action sheridan marker.
Has a coat of stain on her now but I think I will make it
a bit darker with a touch of red to her..
The base is a bolt action with a 13" .686 brass barrel
with wedgits and a a/c brass detent.
Still waiting for the material for the shroud - most
of the detail work goes on it -

Anyway here are a couple pics of the stock so far....

Attachment 38891

Attachment 38892

Attachment 38893
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