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Yea, I'm done with eBay

So, I sold an ion threaded UL barrel on ebay about a week ago and the guy received it and states that the barrel wouldn't thread into his gun, and he wants a refund. I proceeded to tell him that that the gun he has probably isn't ion threaded and I can't issue a refund. This was his reply:

I didn't start play paintball yesterday. I know how to tight a barrel, I have over 20 markers. This one came with bad treads, and like I said,.i wasn't shure that you knew it, but defined this one did worth to keep it. It is not fir the money, just come sense. I'll send it back to you. Thanks
So, I really don't know how to respond to this, and I really don't think it's worth starting a case over $20. Either way, I'm tired of these kids ordering the wrong stuff and want me to pay for it. Guess I'll just start selling my stuff here.
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