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Oooooh, me too! I want in. I've had a bit of a hiatus since the end of last summer for various reasons, but I want to get out a lot this summer. I can't think of any other guys I would rather play with.

-Why do you want to join Featuring Death?

Because if I don't play with you guys I would probably choose to just play golf, no one wants that. Also, I'll have less fun, less paintball gear cluttering my house and more money in my pocket. Seriously, who wants that?

-Have you read and do you accept FD's guiding principles found on MCB?

I have and of course.

-Are you currently affiliated with any other recball team?


-Are you willing to buy a Featuring Death jersey?

I may buy two, sometimes I just don't want sleeves, sometimes I do. If a Hawaiian shirt version was possible I'd get that too.

So..... is there an initiation/hazing ritual? I'm looking at you MAR!!
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