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here is some magfed advice


you will be left waiting a looooong time.

also dont view mafed like "im looking to get a new high end electro any suggestions?" the questiong you posed is like someone coming up to you and saying 'im thinking about getting into paintball, what do you suggest?'. there is alot of different ways to play magfed, and plenty of markers out there, but budget is your #1 issue. youre basically going to have to get a whole new loadout, so do your research, borrow markers when you can and really figure out what youre going to need.

keep in mind mags. how many rounds do you usually fire? 10 mags=200 rounds, so to get a hoppers worth of ammo you have to spend almost $200, not to mentoin vests and pouches arent cheap, plus your air tank and so on. that being said, after you spend 3-4-$500 on the non-marker part of the package, what do you want to spend on the marker?

what about a pistol?

magfed is fun, and i dont ever play 'magfed only' games. you will love it im sure, but you need to keep in mind it wont be as simple as upgrading from your 98c to a dm13.
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