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Love the game spent some coin the other day
To buy paint and a marker.

Here is my thoughts.
-I know it's been beating to death but coin for paint and markers/hoppers
Kinda is a bit steep, especially playing speedball matches
-one or two glitches from respawn or sliding into the tape
I have been forced on the other side of the barrier.
I can shoot/move all around the field, I can shoot others and I can also be shot
But can't move to the other side.
-thank you for putting the awesome customized HUD option
-controls take a bit getting used to but ice you get them it works well
-the re-load takes a bit to animate, a bunch of times I have been running up and
It starts to reload but can't shoot until its done.
-maybe put an option of using the silver coins to pay for paint or markers but at a higher amount then the gold coins (ex. 25gold for 2000 paintballs/1000silver for 2000 paintballs)

I really like this game.
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